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Hyde Park Rotary Art Festival opening 28th May 2015 : These are my Redwing Starlings (Opportunists) – they are at the framers in readiness for the exhibition!

       I love these birds : Without even knowing us, in the middle of Golden Gate, they befriended us – or maybe they were really after our picnic!

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Hyde Park Rotary Art Festival : Series : Opportunists, Workers and Peace : Red-wing Starlings, Weavers and Dahlias : Oil on Board

    The Hyde Park Art Festival is coming up fast – 28th May 2015 we will be opening!  Hope to see you there!

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This is a painting from my Almond Blossom series – also for the Hyde Park Rotary Art Festival.

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       HYDE PARK ROTARY ART FESTIVAL :  28th May 2015  Preparation of work for display on the forthcoming exhibition.  Amaryllis Series : Oil on Board.  Hope to see you at the exhibition! Meriel May      

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