Meriel May is a professional artist based in Gauteng, South Africa.

Meriel works in a multitude of mediums. After many years of working in water colour, she has now moved into pen-and-wash and more recently into oils. An accomplished artist, she sells her work at annual exhibitions, to interior decorators and by private commission.

A dedicated artist, Meriel began her art career as a textile designer working with Cyril Lord. It is worth noting that Meriel is a master craftsman in the ceramics field, originally tutored by Digby Hoets. Her design experience and her craftsman like approach to mastering the various techniques she enjoys are clearly evident in her works. She has also drawn her inspiration from the likes of Klimt, Whistler, Walter Battiss and Judith Mason.

Meriel bases her approach to her art on premise that “you don’t have to be different to be good, but you do have to be good to be different”-anon.


4 Responses to About

  1. Gail Mingard says:

    Hello Meriel, I included two of your pieces in a blog about the Rotary Art Festival 22 May – 1 June 2014. Herewith link: http://xfactorbrands.blogspot.com/
    I look forward to seeing the artwork at the exhibition.
    Gail Mingard
    GMS Social Media Services

  2. Barbara JJ says:

    Meriel – how wonderful to have been given your site by Louise in Cape Town. Your work is absolutely fantastic; got all excited when it said Hyde Park (thought it was London!). Congratulations and I look forward to going through all your beautiful paintings again. lots of love to you in Jo’burg, miss you all still. Barbara JJxx

  3. vawncorrigan says:

    Hi Merial,
    We got one of your paintings in joburg, we brought it back to our little town house in Dublin, where it is a centrepiece in our sitting room! It’s a landscape.
    So, your art is travelling !
    Vawn and Tom

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