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Stream of Consciousness Exhibition

These small 18cm square paintings are for an exhibition @ Vineyard Gallery in Somerset West – 55 artists are exhibiting!  More paintings to follow……….. Advertisements

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Hyde Park Rotary Art Festival opening 28th May 2015 : These are my Redwing Starlings (Opportunists) – they are at the framers in readiness for the exhibition!

       I love these birds : Without even knowing us, in the middle of Golden Gate, they befriended us – or maybe they were really after our picnic!

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Hyde Park Rotary Art Festival : Series : Opportunists, Workers and Peace : Red-wing Starlings, Weavers and Dahlias : Oil on Board

    The Hyde Park Art Festival is coming up fast – 28th May 2015 we will be opening!  Hope to see you there!

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Hyde Park Exhibition : Zimbabwe Creeper paintings

    This Zimbabwe Creeper was the training post for my little mossies learning to fly!  The parents sat on the wall screeching their appraisals!  Early morning gave special light to  these flowers!  

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